Dry Rot - Domestic Property Malvern - After

Dry Rot

Domestic Property Malvern

Full treament following bounce in the floor investigation that saved basement conversion.

Our client began noticing a little bounce in the suspended timber floor and upon lifting carpet discovered copious amounts of red spores, white mycelium and a previously concealed sweet fungal odour.

Subsequent investigation identified the possibility of further infection behind a masonry wall built in front of the original Victorian cellar walls below, and possibly from the property next door, all of which were not visibly obvious.

Our client accepted our concerns and allowed further investigation which allowed the full extent of outbreak to be revealed and the subsequent correct treatment response to be defined and specified.

Wall plaster was removed to allow masonry sterilisation, cellar masonry removed to reveal and allow floor joist replacement and also remove the damp and static micro climate that had allowed the dry rot to establish.

The adjacent property sharing the party wall was checked so we could offer a meaningful guarantee.

  • Dry Rot - Domestic Property Malvern - Before
  • Dry Rot - Domestic Property Malvern - After
  • Dry Rot - Domestic Property Malvern - Cellar Below
    Cellar Below
  • Dry Rot - Domestic Property Malvern - Cellar Below
    Cellar After Treatments

Whilst our client reviewed competitor’s comments, we were heartened that they understood the risks and the need to rectify moisture sources responsible for the outbreak and also determine the extent and scope of necessary treatments, however unwelcome.

Whilst significantly more works were required than first appeared, our client has the confidence that the appropriate level of competence was demonstrated and duly completed so if the intended house sale was to proceed, they can do so with a good conscience backed up by a company that has been issuing guarantees continuously since 1956.

During works our client advised none of the competitors had mentioned risks to other areas or issues with adjacent property on the party wall, so rather worrying if they were to accept the cheapest quote.

To our client’s credit, they consulted a qualified surveyor from a company of proven history who are members of The Property Care Association (PCA), which means any potential house buyer can inherit the benefits and most importantly, be accepted by Insurers and/or mortgage companies. Dry Rot is not a risk to be trifled with!