Condensation control

Condensation Control

Black spot mould

Most homes will experience condensation in winter on windows but occasionally the design of the building, combined with modern living standards, will result in more severe condensation problems, frequently resulting in the growth of mould to walls, ceilings, clothes, soft furnishings etc.

Condensation can result in air borne mould spores being inhaled and this is believed to be associated with respiratory ailments such as asthma and allergies.

Experienced recommendations

Where does condensation come from?

People emanate moisture! In fact, around 4 pints per person, per day. Add this to the moisture produced by washing, cooking, drying clothes, bathing and it is easy to see why problems occur, particularly in modern single level accommodation such as flats and bungalows where ventilation is restricted and air volumes are smaller.

When humid air interfaces with cold surfaces like your windows, toilet cistern or external walls in winter, moisture droplets will form and accumulate. In the absence of effective ventilation, mould, mildew and associated maladies will ensue.

Condensation in your property

A guide to the causes and how to remedy the problem

Remedial works

Everyone will have an opinion and advice can often be misleading resulting in the unfortunate homeowner spending hard earned money on ineffective and expensive measures.

Rudders & Paynes are experts in the field and will specify a programme of measures appropriate to the level of the problem.

This may include:

  • Improvements to passive ventilation.
  • Powered extraction with moisture sensing, virtually silent units.
  • ‘Whole house’ positive pressure anti condensation systems.
  • Improvements to the thermal properties of the building fabric.

To find out about the most energy efficient methods

of getting rid of your condensation problem.

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