Timber Resin repairs

Timber Resin repairs

Strengthening Timber structures

Rudders & Paynes have been at the forefront of timber epoxy resin engineering for 25 years.  During this time we have carried out projects to many timber framed buildings, often completing complex structural repairs to sensitive areas of load bearing timber structures.

​Projects have ranged from historic oak framed buildings to the main support posts of what was then the second largest open plan office building in Europe.

Epoxy resins benefit from enormous strength and the ability to bond to the substrate even in damp conditions.  They provide the option of retaining all of the sound remaining host timber and can be shaped and textured to closely resemble the surrounding timber. 

Because of the ‘quick set’ time and the use of integral reinforcements it is often possible to carry out works without the need for costly support structures.

Where exposed areas of resin are not desirable the systems can often be modified to provide invisible in-line connections for timber-to-timber repairs.

PCA and other Accreditations

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